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Yogiman in NYC


Arm Balances & Transitions $30

Come join me as we explore the life of Arm Balance! I will break the varius poses like Crow, One-Legged Crow, Side Crows, Peacock, Kundinyasana A&B and MORE! This will be the place you wanna be to work your practice to the next level. No Question will be unanswered! Let’s buld from a Strong foundation together. 

Rocket 3 aka Happy Hour $25

 *90 Minutes - “Two for one special”. Rocket Happy Hour is a 90 minute combination of the Rocket 1 and Rocket 2 routines, rooted in the Ashtanga yoga method, and sequenced by Larry Schultz. Prepare and open the body systematically to try the energetic arm balances and inversions sprinkled throughout the sequences, including options to create a practice that feels good and safe for your body. Enjoy energetic playlists and supportive environment to grow your practice, but the the same great community vibe every time.

Full Day Pass $50

Earlier Event: October 7
Yoga In NYC
Later Event: December 1
Inversion Workshop